Get Suica card here before you fly so you don't have to face a long queue for it in Japan.

Use Suica Card for many things. Shopping, transportation and more in Japan!

Dear valued customers, now you can purchase this Suica card at our outlets upon picking up your WiFi device.

*while stock last

Card price is RM 98.00. *(For payment by credit card, we will charge 2% of credit card surcharge )

Card's Content value: 1,500 JPY + 500 JPY deposit

Rechargeable/Top-Up in Japan (All train station, shops etc)


Let's take a ride & discover the beauty of Japan! Book your JRPass in advance. Simple & cost savings.

The Japan Rail Pass (also commonly called JR Pass) is a very cost effective rail pass for long distance train travel in Japan. It can be used by foreign tourists only, and offers unlimited use of JR trains for one, two or three weeks at a cost that residents of Japan can only dream of.

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Answering burning questions :-)

Absolutely! Our Pocket Wifi for Japan really has no quota. That means you can
use as much as you want without limitation.

Yes, you can enjoy our WiFi anywhere in Japan. Whether you are in Hokkaido, Sapporo, Fukushima, Tokyo or even visiting Mount Fuji, we covered the whole Japan.

You can contact our customer support 24/7, we will provide assistant and some cases even alternate your device
with an other one.

Our Pocket WiFi device designed specifically for Japan network's standard and for a long-haul use. It is known best for travellers and supporting up to 187Mbps 4G Speed.

We are not just renting a pocket WiFi, we are constantly improve our service and propagated with the best network operator
in Japan.

We are customers too! we believe in providing the best customer support and assistant so that
you can leave your worry behind.

No Setup. Just Connect,

Easy & Handy

  • No setting required (APN)
  • One touch remote connectivity
  • Enables multi Wi-Fi devices to simultaneously connect
  • Connect to any device simultaneously (Laptop, Tablet, Mobile)

What's in the package?

304ZT (4G LTE)

AC Adapter
According to Country's Type

USB Cable
Connect to PC/Adapter
Telephone talks /SMS    No
Internet/Email    Yes
Wi-Fi and Hot Spot    Yes
Google Map    Yes
Surf Web(WhatsApp/LINE/Facebook, Twitter etc.)    Yes
VOIP Call(Skype / LINE / Viber/Tango/Talk etc.)    Yes
Battery Durability   6 hours
Power Bank 6000 mAh/15 hours
Powerbank (RM4 / Day)


Insurance (RM12 / Day)