No more language barrier. Talk with locals & see some smiles :-)

Meet your new translator to help you during abroad. Imagine talking with locals in your native language like asking about prices, way directions and even a nice evening talk! MagicSay will convert your speech to translated audio in seconds!

MagicSay is a two-way conversation translator where both different language speaker can have a conversation magicaly!

Tuck MagicSay in your pocket or slip it in your pouch bag. Travel they way your style.

Hold, Speak & Listen. Repeat.
A simple, yet powerful buttons that work!

Button Up, E.g
Talk in English language

Button Down, E.g Talk in other language(Japanese,Thai, & more!)

Connect MagicSay with Samurai WiFi!

MagicSay works brilliantly with WiFi connection

Transcending languages.
Travel the world without stranger.
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