“ Tumbled in bathroom.
Smashed his hands & feet..”

Treatment cost : RM 180,000

In England, a man tumbled in a bathroom and smashed his hands and feet. Fracture of humerus & femoral neck, hospitalized for 17 days and undergo surgery. Medical delivery accompanied by a nurse and transported by ambulance.

“Lost consciousness
while shopping.”

Treatment cost : RM 800,000

In USA, a man lost consciousness while shopping at convenience stores and transported by ambulance. He was diagnosed with heart failure and was hospitalized for 25 days. Medical delivery accompanied by doctor and nurse.

" Heart disease
while travelling.."

Treatment cost : RM 600,000

In Tokyo, a woman suddenly collapses with heart disease while traveling.The medical expenses for the one who had survived by emergency surgery was 18 million yen, and had a large debt.

If you get sick abroad, and if you are not insured, there is a risk that you will incur extremely high medical expenses which are incomparable to your travel fees.


Tokio Marine travel insurance will protect
you from such a high burden!


In addition, by buying insurance, insurance companies can introduce medical institutions that are familiar with foreigners and can treat without cash. So it is possible to receive treatment without anxiety.

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Personal Accident


Accidental Death/Permanent Total Disablement/Child Education Fund


Up to RM300,000 (per Adult)

Burial Or Cremation And/Or Repatriation Expenses

in the locality where death occurs,including cost of conveyance


Up to RM8,000 

Medical & Other Expenses

ØMedical Expenses
ØFollow-Up Treatment
ØCompassionate Care due to hospitalization or death
ØChild Care
ØEmergency Medical Evacuation & Bringing back to home territory


combined maximum up to RM300,000(benefit 1~4per person)up to RM1,000,000 (per person)

Hospital Allowance


Allowance for  full day confined to hospital


RM350 per day

Personal Luggage And Personal Effects


for loss of or damage to your personal luggage or personal effects


up to RM5,000

Luggage Delay


Luggage delay from the time of arrival at the destination


RM200 for every six consecutive hours

Personal Money And Travel Document


Personal Money, reasonable additional accommodation, travel & communication expenses


Up to RM750 per day

Cancellation (Loss of Deposits)


Loss of deposits or charges paid, charges pre-booked and prepaid in your home territory


up to RM20,000



irrecoverable deposits because of Serious injury or illness and so on


up to RM20,000

Delay In Departure


if the scheduled carrier is delayed in departure for at least 6 hours at any single destination stop (including transit), for irrecoverable deposits or charges paid in advance


RM200 for each consecutive 6 hours delay

Delay In Arrival


if the arrival is delayed for at least 6 consecutive hours at any single destination stop (including transit)


RM250(up to Rm750 per family)


Missed Departure


for additional accommodation and travel expenses necessarily and reasonably as a result of failure of the departure


up to RM1,000 (up to RM3,000 per family)

Misconnection to Flight


miss the flight due to the late arrival, no alternative onward transportation being made available within 4 hours of the actual arrival time


RM200 per trip (up to Rm600 per family)

Overbooked Flight


as a result being denied boarding of scheduled flight due to over-booking. No alternative transportation is made available within 6 hours


RM200 per trip (up to RM600 per family)


Hijacking Inconvenience


As a cash benefit if the scheduled carrier or public transport services is hijacked during your overseas trip.


RM300 for each full 24 hours delay (up to RM900)


Home Care Benefit


physical loss or damage caused by fire or burglary to the home contents, valuables which is left vacant during the period of insurance


up to RM1,000 (Rm500 per single item)


Personal Liability


costs and expenses for which you are legally liable to pay as damages as a result of accidental injury or Accidental loss of or damage


Up to but not exceeding RM1,000,000


Loss of Travel Deposits/Travel Package Payment

loss of irrecoverable travel deposits/travel package payment paid in advance before the departure date of the booked trip


Up to RM3,000


Additional Costs Of Rental Car Return

additional costs of rental car if you are unable to return a hired car or campervan from a licensed rental agency to the nearest hire depot due to injury or serious illness


Up to RM1,000


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