Dear valued customers,

Please list all countries which you will visit in the city field when you make an online booking. We will assign device based on the countries list.


Europe device, should not turn on or be used in other countries not in list above including Malaysia. It is also prohibited to use it on your ship or airplane. If you are planning a cruise and air travel, please note that you do not use during your cruise or traveling by air. If you use, additional charges will be charged later.

Albania Albania
Austria Austria
Belgium Belgium
Bulgaria Bulgaria
Croatia Croatia
Cyprus Cyprus
Czech Republic Czech Republic
Denmark Denmark
Estonia Estonia
Faroes Faroe Island
Finland Finland

France France
French-Guiana French Guiana
Gibraltar Gibraltar
Germany Germany
Greece Greece
Guadeloupe Guadalupe
Guernsey Guernsey
Hungary Hungary
Iceland Iceland
Ireland Ireland
Isle of Man Isle of Man
Italy Italy
Jersey Jersey

Latvia Latvia
Liechtenstein Liechtenstein
Lithuania Lithuania
Luxembourg Luxembourg
Malta Malta
Martinique Martinique
Monaco Monaco
Netherlands Netherlands
Norway Norway
Poland Poland
Portugal Portugal

Reunion Reunion
Romania Romania
San Marino San Marino
Slovakia Slovakia
Slovenia Slovenia
Spain Spain
Sweden Sweden
Switzerland Switzerland
Turkey Turkey
United Kingdom(Great Britain) UK
(England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland).

What's in the package?

Pocket WiFi Device

AC Adapter
According to Country's Type

USB Cable
Connect to PC/Adapter

No Setup. Just Connect,

Easy & Handy

  • No setting required (APN)
  • One touch remote connectivity
  • Enables multi Wi-Fi devices to simultaneously connect
  • Connect to any device simultaneously (Laptop, Tablet, Mobile)
Powerbank (RM4 / Day)


Insurance (RM12 / Day)


Download Speed/Upload Speed 150/50 /Mbps (3G)
Telephone talks /SMS    No
Internet/Email    Yes
Wi-Fi and Hot Spot    Yes
Google Map    Yes
Surf Web(WhatsApp/LINE/Facebook, Twitter etc.)    Yes
VOIP Call(Skype / LINE / Viber/Tango/Talk etc.)    Yes
Battery Durability   6 hours
Power Bank 6000 mAh/15 hours