What's Around?


Takamatsu is the capital of Kagawa, Japan’s smallest prefecture. The city’s port used to be the main entry point to Shikoku Island and you can visit small islands from Takamatsu port.It is said that Udon in Takamatsu is the best in Japan.


Tokushima Prefecture,located on the eastern side of the island of Shikoku, is connected to mainland Japan by the Akashi-Kaikyo and Naruto Bridges, and can be reached from Osaka in two and a half hours by highway bus. It is home to the world-famous Awa Odori Dance Festival and is bountiful in beautiful natural scenery.


Kochi Prefecture is blessed with beautiful and abundant nature under a shining sun such as the coastline, clear rivers such as the Shimanto River and deep green forests. It has a history and environment which produced many pioneers and great men such as Sakamoto Ryoma. Kochi’s free and daring characteristics have created generous yet deeply strong residents called “Igosso” or “Hachikin,” and the wisdom and activity of the people of Kochi, who are full of ideas, gave birth to special gardening crops and industrial technologies.


Matsuyama is located in Shikoku facing the tranquil and beautiful Seto Inland Sea. Matsuyama has beautiful natures and an abundance of cultural offerings, one of them is Dōgo hot spring, which is considered the oldest of all the hot springs in Japan.